Why McDonald’s burgers never look like what they advertise


It seems Ronald McDonald has gotten his social media act together…

There are many sustainable reasons to get social with your customers and helping me prove my point today is McDonald’s Canada.

Here’s a company that is known all over the world. They have huge marketing and advertising budgets which allow them to create radio and TV ads whenever they choose. What has made them take social media so seriously?

Ultimately we are all consumers first. And when we have an affinity for a brand, we long to see and know more; we long to connect. Social media is a medium built around conversation and engagement which makes for a perfect fit.

If executed correctly, you can build loyalty with fans by sharing some of your “behind the scenes” moments with them.

Keeping up with the increasing trend of providing transparency for consumers, McDonald’s Canada recently released an informative video on the differences between what consumers see in the ads and what they actually eat.

McDonald’s Canada’s director of marketing, Hope Bagozzi, visits a local McDonald’s, buys a Quarter Pounder and photographs it at Watt Photostudios (the company responsible for McDonald’s creative merchandising for the past seven years).

The burger designed for the ad is prepped by a special team that uses food styling tricks and computer touch-ups to make the burger look more appetizing. In the end, Bagozzi confirms that the two burgers are made of the same ingredients but the differences can be attributed to the physical posturing and altering of the burger in the ad.

Watch below for a behind-the-scenes look at a McDonald’s photo shoot:

Companies will succeed with their social media strategies when they are built around engaging with their audience. Authenticity is key.

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