“Flash your gash, it’s Pinkie Fest!”


Yes, indeed… An event so mad you’ll want to flash your private parts…

Maybe that was just me! Either way, there’s an event that’s not worth missing, it’s called Pinkie Fest. Some of you may know about this awesome event, some may have no clue. If you don’t, I’m here to shed some pinkish hue (that’s “light” for the simple folk) on the matter.

In 2009, I went to my first Pinkie Fest and fell in love with the idea. I’ve never missed one since and it would take death or jail for me to miss one. Which is ironic cos sometimes I think I’ve set myself a challenge on both those counts. But I digress, what’s the big deal?

The idea is this: Hire George Lea Park in Sandton for the day, offer your patrons the entertainment option of bands AND disc jockeys, INCLUDE beer, cider and alcipops in the price of the ticket and finally, recommend that everyone wear a touch of pink for a good cause.

Are you drooling yet? Are you lactating? Allow me to give you a digital nipple stand by summing it up again:

  •  It doesn’t matter whether you prefer DJ’s or live bands, Pinkie Fest has both!
  •  PUNCH, BEER and COOLERS ARE INCLUDED! You don’t wait for change and there aren’t massive queues.
  •  Did I mention that punch, beer and coolers are included? Thank you and God bless.
  •  There’s a serious vibe on the day. People get into the spirit of things by wearing pink and being outrageous!
  •  Some of the proceeds even go to Forest Town School which caters for kids with cerebral paulsy.
  •  You are silly for reading any further, you should be buying a ticket. NOW.

Fine. Consider that it’s right about now the weather is warming up and people are getting into the notion of summer. Electric blankets can go to hell along with hot water bottles are ‘jamas so old they make you look like Florence Nightingale. WE WANT SUMMER AND WE WANT OUTDOOR!

As we all get a little older, we naturally repel night clubs because of their dark, stuffy nature and this is why I love Pinkie so much: It includes your alcoh… I mean it’s during the day. It’s central. It’s affordable. It’s crazy. And it’s for a good cause. WE WANT SUMMER AND WE WANT OUTDOOR!

With that said, here are the details for Pinkie Fest:

DATE: Saturday, 25 August 2012
TIME:  13h00
WHERE: George Lea Park – Sandton Sports Club, Holt Street, Parkmore
HOW MUCH: R270 – Normal / R500 VIP (ALL Malts, Wines and Spirits are FREE, separate entrance and exclusive VIP area)

Tickets are available from Webtickets so make a plan and get hold of one ASAP.

If you’re still reading now then you’re a persisitent little bugger, I’ll give you that much. You are probably wanting to know what the line-up is for the day… Fine.

On the main stage, Pinkie has:

  • Dave van Vuuren (winner of last season’s Idols)
  • Shadowclub
  • Lonehill Estate
  • The Graeme Watkins Project
  • Jesse Clegg (one of my favorites)
  • Goodluck
  • Prime Circle
  • Son of 1000

Seriously, that is insane. Lastly, here is your DJ line-up:

  • Small Paul
  • Ho-Man (formerly of HouseHold Funk)
  • DJ Wags
  • Royal K
  • Alan M
  • Drum Machine feat. Morgan Beatbox
  • Catherine vs Kevin Grenfell
  • Pascal and Pearce

They don’t pay me to punt this (not yet anyway) but I just love the event. If you need any other info, Pinkie Fest has a very cool website as well as a Facebook page and Twitter account.

I hope to see you there. I would say you could buy me a drink for letting you know but they’re all free. See you on Saturday!

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About the author: Mark Sham

Mark Sham

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  1. Tanya Vanessa Kieck says:

    LOVED THIS ARTICLE!!!! Had me laughing all the way!!!!! Big Ups Markie!!!!!!!! ;D Oh, and see you Sat!!!! Yayyyy!!!!!

  2. Natasha August says:

    Thanks Mark for the post. It most definitely gets a person hyped up and amped for the pinkie fest festival. Also I was able to use all the information to inform other people about the event

    An awesome piece

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