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They say the best thing to come from the North is the M1 South… Who am I to argue?

I’ve lived in the South my whole life and although it has its ups and downs, it’s home and I’m proud of the place. Look, there are times where I get patted down by the bouncers at News Cafe and when they realize I don’t have a weapon, they slip me one…

But still, the old adage that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side remains true in my mind. I can hear certain friends telling me the “west is best” but I have to disagree. I have no issues with the other sides of Gauteng (excepting for Grayston and William Nicol), I just love my side of town.

With that said, it’s only fitting that I decided to replicate one of the coolest concepts and host it on our home turf. I’m talking about Market on Meyersdal; my tribute to Market on Main and Neighbourgoods.

I’ve been going to these two gigs for ages now and I always have the best time (my wallet doesn’t). But is it enough reason to create my own version? Not quite. The penny dropped one day when my partner, Dwayne Hurn, and I were sitting around trying to work out a way to raise funds for Figure 4 which is now a CrossFit gym (yes, I just paid R30k to be able to say that) which is located in Meyersdal Mall. Needless to say, it dawned on me; don’t just run another CrossFit competition… Involve the whole community!

And so here we are… A few weeks later, a few favours called in and a few weekends (and some grey hairs) away from the big day. So I thought I’d take a second to explain to those of you how it all works and what you can expect:

If you’ve ever been to Market on Main or Neighbourgoods, you’ll know exactly what vibe we’re going for… I even wrote an article about my first time experience at Market on Main which you can read here. Needless to say, it’s more than a food market, it’s an experience.

The idea is simple. Market on Meyersdal is a convening of food, drinks, music and social. It’s upmarket and sophisticated but it’s also for everyone. There will be over 30 different gourmet food stalls on offer, a wine bar and entertainment area, soulful music and lots of social gathering on hand. It’s a coming together of community in a way that’s relevant to everyone.

Finally, it has a cool factor to it. There’s a fine line between a flea market and Market on Main and the devil is in the detail. It is a touch difficult to explain if you’ve never been but the little touches make all the difference.

Well most importantly, it’s in the South. The wonderful owners of Meyersdal Mall in Alberton have been kind enough to let us use their back parking lot. The members of Figure 4 are familiar with this space as they regularly use it to run around and otherwise pay to torture themselves. Needless to say, the space is big and it’s just waiting for us to transform it into the uber coolness that is Market on Meyersdal.

Our event is officially scheduled for Saturday, 7 September. We are looking to start at 10am in the morning and shut everything down by no later than 6pm! Should very dodgy weather threaten to ruin the event, we will look to use the following weekend as a carry over date.

Yes indeed, it won’t cost you a cent to come in. All you gotta do is come hungry and ready to let your hair down. Everyone is welcome, even the kids. There will literally be something on the day for everyone!

Keep your ears and eyes peeled over the coming weeks for more details. If you’re even half as excited as we are, this should be an absolute cracker.

Perhaps you want to rent a stall? Spaces are filling up at quite a rate but email and let us know what you’re looking to sell and we can take it from there.

We are in the process of setting up a website for Market on Meyersdal but in the meantime, you can visit the official Facebook page to keep in touch!

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