Pink shows you care!

Pink shows you care

While I love to make people laugh, there is very little that compares with lending a helping hand to those that really need it…

When I first started Mark’s Microphone, the idea was to showcase a few rules I came up with for a successful social media campaign built around blogging. Considering this was a personal initiative, I loved the creative freedom I had as I had license to literally talk about anything. Soon, this platform took on a life of its own and over the last 18 months, it’s been incredibly gratifying to watch this space evolve as more and more interest has developed in the brand that is Mark’s Microphone.

Every now and then, I get a random phone call asking me to help with a special cause and I enjoy them cos really, that’s when this thing works best. And that’s exactly what happened last week when I got a phone call from Marina…

Marina doesn’t lack enthusiasm or drive. She shoots straight for the jugular and her call to me was simple:

“I’m running an interesting event at my hair salon and I’d like you to help. My son tells me you’re really good with Facebook and you’re the guy I need to talk to!”

I did try explain to Marina that I’m not Mark Zuckerberg; that he’s the guy that actually started the whole thing… Ok, I’m just kidding.

I listened for a while but at first I thought this was another call for me to help market or sell something but it was much cooler than that. So much so that I had to get involved and spread the word. Here’s what she told me about:

This Saturday (28 September 2013), also known as H2O day, Marina and her team from Hair Associates are running a very cool charity event. They are offering 50 ladies the opportunity to have a free pink strand from Great Lengths put in their hair and the ladies can donate an amount of their choosing toward the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA).

After the first 50 ladies are done, more ladies can participate in the event but the price will then be set at R95. Again, all proceeds will be donated to CANSA. Marina even has a representative from CANSA who will be there in person to receive the money.

Okes are allowed to come watch all the beautiful women swoon over hair pieces and other nonsensical hair accessories. In fact, I highly recommend it and I will personally be rolling with an entourage of single men specifically for the occasion.

As for the ladies, once you’re done you are welcome to run off to H2O and drink until the cows come home. I’ve personally prayed to God already and he’s assured me that if you do this good deed, your H2O debauchery is forgiven. If you’re not going to the big event, you’re in credit. Don’t blow it all at once.

You must remember, this is a small business and they are donating their space, time and resources toward the event without being remunerated for it. Being an entrepreneur and small business owner myself, I totally relate to the level of effort it takes to help out.

Ultimately, these people are putting their money where their mouth is and the least we should do is show them some love and in turn, show them some support. The little angel pies from Hair Associates will even be raffling off a floral GHD on the day with the proceeds going to CANSA. God bless their cotton socks.

All you have to do is rock up on the day and participate. The address is: Hair Associates, Shop 2 – 11 Hennie Alberts Street, Brackendowns and their phone number is 011 867 3847. Your best bet is to give them a call and confirm that you’re coming through on Saturday.

Sometimes it’s nice to play your part and show people you care… Don’t forget that!

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